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Jonga is a group of travel-lovers who are passionate about everything our beautiful country has to offer! 
The Xhosa word “Jonga” means to “explore” – and our goal is to help people like you, do just that!

We’ve created an extensive travel site to inspire you and make planning your journey to South Africa as easy as possible! 

We understand how difficult it can be traveling to new places, especially if you have specific Kosher requirements! That’s why at Jonga, we can help you identify the right accommodation, restaurants, and experiences to meet your lifestyle and dietary needs.

Explore our site to learn about all the wonderful places to see and amazing things to do  

we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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Jonga has a great team and many of us have religious and Kosher needs, so we’ve done our fair share of research into where to visit, eat, and enjoy in South Africa - we’re happy to say we’ve paved the way for international travelers with similar needs.

Growing up in South Africa, we’ve been fortunate to travel across the country and learn more about each province’s natural wonders, cultural attractions, diverse people, and interesting histories.

We also know that with so much on offer, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start!
In our experience, we’ve also needed to be able to customize our holidays to meet specific Kosher requirements - hence Jonga was born!

We recognize that traveling can be difficult especially in new and unfamiliar places and we want everyone to have the opportunity to discover South Africa. Worried about how you’ll maintain your Kashrut and find places that are Kosher, Chalav Yisrael or Mehadrin Commission? We’ve identified exactly where to go to explore a new place without compromise.

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We believe in a commitment to excellence! Open communication and transparency are important to us at Jonga and we readily welcome your queries, suggestions, and feedback.
At Jonga we pride ourselves on quality - ensuring that we suggest only the best accommodation, experiences, and restaurants to our users.

We also believe in supporting local and ethical businesses, doing our best to ensure we only recommend things to do that are aligned with this value.

Another one of our core values is approaching our clients with understanding, care, and respect. At Jonga, you will always find team members who will work hard to help you find establishments to meet any religious and/or lifestyle requests.